PLG Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that provides strategic consulting services in Logistics, Engineering, and Supply Chain. Our real-world experience, depth of analysis, strategic perspective, and hands-on approach to each client engagement enables clients to develop and implement efficient and cost-effective solutions that are integrated with, and support, their business objectives. PLG helps clients in a wide variety of industries including energy, bulk commodities, manufacturing and private equity.

Real-World Experience

Our consultants have served in their respective industries for decades, often at the executive and upper-managerial management level. Due to their real-world experience, our consultants can bring something to the table that other firms cannot – the ability to leverage their industry experience and personal connections for each client’s advantage. Their practiced experience brings confidence and deep know-how to all of our client engagements.

Depth of Analysis

Every project undertaken by PLG Consulting benefits from the full analytical strength and knowledge of our team. Beyond providing up-to-date research and insightful planning, PLG’s analysts and consulting experts provide step-by-step guidance on improvement opportunities based on quantitative metrics.

Strategic Perspective

Because PLG’s consultants have hands-on industry experience, we understand that no two companies, or solutions, are alike. We work to integrate all of our recommendations into the client’s business processes, improving their decision-making process to help them achieve their corporate strategies and objectives.

Hands-on Engagement

We bring the full strength of our consulting expertise to your place of business, engaging with your team in an effort to fully understand every aspect of your business. PLG’s expert staff can integrate seamlessly with your project leaders throughout the full breadth of our engagement to ensure efficient and complete implementation of all recommendations and strategies.