The transportation and logistical handling of bulk commodities is a core competency at PLG, requiring both an expertise in the products as well as the modes of transport on which they are dependent. Since the company began over ten years ago, PLG has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies optimize and improve their bulk commodity logistics.


Sand and Proppants

PLG has extensive experience with shale oil and gas clients in developing and implementing sand/proppant supply chains, including infrastructure considerations and development of multi-modal solutions to reduce costs. We have worked with major E&P, pumping and transloader companies, as well as sand/proppant suppliers, to create and implement high-performing logistical networks, providing strategy development, unit train facility due diligence and design, railcar leasing/management, logistics assessments and commercial negotiations.


Due to the complex supply chain, hazardous operations, and safety considerations, working in the chemical industry requires unique expertise. Over the years, PLG’s chemical industry experts have worked with many of the world’s largest chemical companies to identify cost savings, operational improvements, risk mitigations, and opportunities to leverage competitive advantage while maintaining a focus on safety and customer service.


The polymer industry is global in nature with product moving within national boundaries and overseas. A variety of types of polymers can move by several transportation modes (rail, van truck, bulk truck, intermodal, container) and in several types of packaging variations (bulk, bag, boxes) and PLG has experience in sorting out the best solution quickly for their polymer clients. PLG initially started with a focus on serving the polymer industry and has partnered with numerous plastics companies to improve the competitiveness of their supply chains over the years.

Agricultural Products and Fertilizers

The PLG team brings decades of experience in the facility design and transportation of agricultural commodities and fertilizer, as well as strong, current relationships with related logistics providers. This experience, combined with our expertise in rail, barge, and truck transportation, allows us to help industry clients reduce logistics costs and improve operational efficiency.

Forest Products

Because of our real-world experience, PLG recognizes forest products economics are very sensitive to transportation and logistics. From delivery of logs/fiber to production facilities to furnishing finished goods to end consumers, optimal methods and modes of transport must be identified, constantly refined, and utilized to remain competitive. PLG can provide relevant industry techniques to streamlining the transportation of pulp, paper products, logs, lumber, chips, and biomass products.


Proper handling and secure disposal of waste materials is a cradle-to-grave responsibility for commercial/industrial businesses and municipalities. Transportation represents a significant cost component in a waste management system. By working with PLG’s industry veterans, you can be sure that your company’s practices in waste management transportation/logistics will be environmentally compliant with economics that exceed those of industry leaders.